2D Illustrations

In general, illustration work begins with small, rough thumbnail sketches. The layout is planned with all major assets, text, and labels, before proceeding to final sketches, line work, and detailed rendering.

Rough thumbnail sketches

Refined layout sketch

Final line work and base colors

Full color painting and rendering


Creating an animation begins with a script and an outline of planned scenes, followed by storyboards. 2D or 3D assets or models are created, rendered, animated, and composited together into the final animation.

Sample 2D animation storyboards

Sample 3D animation storyboards

Sample 3D animation storyboards

Sample surgical sketches


Operating room sketches (top: nerve sheath tumor excision; bottom: coronary artery bypass graft)

Refined sketches (left frontal craniotomy)

Refined sketches (laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy)

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