SleepNote App Mock Proposal Booklet Cover © 2018, Alisa Brandt, Insil Choi, Lohitha Kethu

Project Description

Team project to design and propose a mock mobile application that functions as both an interactive sleep journal and a resource for learning about sleep and common sleep disorders. Target audience members were adults experiencing symptoms of sleep disorders who are interested in building a self-directed record of their sleep and learning about sleep health. A 50-page proposal booklet was created containing background research, a style sheet, flowcharts, storyboards, and descriptions of functionality. Ideas, goals, content, and overall style were created as a team. More specific aspects (e.g. menu design, illustrations, sections of writing) were divided among team members, with frequent meetings and sharing of feedback. My primary contributions included the design of the SleepNote logo and the research, writing, design, and illustrations in the "Body Map" section. Team project created during the Medical and Biological Illustration graduate program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Project Details

  • Media:

    Adobe Illustrator

  • Categories:


  • Project Date:

    July 17, 2018

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