Brain Cell Mage Illustration

Brain Cell Mage © 2020 Alisa Brandt
An illustration combining fantasy, medical/science content, and comic-style art. Inspired by neurons and other cells/aspects of the brain, there are pyramidal neurons, astrocytes, and spindle neurons/Von Economo neurons in the sleeves, a microglial cell in the staff, and dendrites filling the background. The three molecules flying around are examples of important neurotransmitters: dopamine (yellow), GABA (green), and glutamate (pink). Voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels decorate the hat. I imagined this to be a companion piece to the blood cell mage illustration. (If the two mages worked together, would their team name be “Blood-brain Barrier”?!)
PDBs and molecular structures used: 6J8J, 6PBX; Pubchem CIDs 681, 119, 33032.

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