Neuroscience/cellular illustration about microglia © 2020 Alisa Brandt

Microglial Activity

This illustration is intended to provide neuroscience students an overview of specialized brain cells called microglia, by distilling complex, growing research into a concise and memorable poster. A defining characteristic of microglia is their ability to transform dramatically and take on different shapes and functions to monitor the neuronal environment and respond quickly to problems. Two main states are depicted in this illustration: a highly-branched “surveying” form, and an “active”

Molecular immunotherapy poster

Immunotherapy to Fight Cancer

Immune checkpoint blocking therapies, or ICBs, help fight cancer by inhibiting the down-regulation of effector T cell activity. Here, two CD8+ T cells (in blue) approach a cancer cell (in brown), while ICB antibodies flow in from the upper right to block interaction between PD-1 and PDL-1. Peptide fragments (in red) are being presented by the cancer cell on its surface in HLA-I (Human Leukocyte Antigen) molecules, which make up

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